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Happy Blogiversary to me! (This photo is actually from my birthday in May, hence the summer dress.)

Happy Blogiversary to me! (This photo is actually from my birthday in May, hence the summer dress.)

This week marks my first Blogiversary! Exactly one year ago, I posted my first piece, a nail polish review. WordPress put together a little 2014 recap for me, which quite nearly counts as a recap of my first year of blogging. If I may, I’d like to share a few stats with you.

My blog was viewed approximately 4600 times, and my most popular post, with over 130 views, was on August 10 when I wrote about my favorite restaurants in Durham. (Go, Durham!) People from 81 different countries have viewed my blog, and the top three countries were the U.S., Brazil, and the U.K. Lastly, my most active commenter was my mom, followed closely by my brother Matt – Thanks for the support, guys! 🙂 Maybe in 2015 I’ll get the rest of my readers in on the commenting action!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you stay with me in 2015! Now, in honor of my first post, I’d like to do another nail polish write-up. Shall we begin?

Ellen Tracy Nail Polish

IMG_6075 - Version 2You all know I love nail polish, and I really love a good deal. So when I see a good deal ON nail polish, well, game over. My mom and I go to Marshalls every time I visit her, and I never leave empty-handed. Last summer I picked up a six-bottle set of Ellen Tracy nail polish minis for $6.99! I didn’t even know Ellen Tracy made nail polish,* but I had to have it.

The set looked like a pretty good variety pack, with a pale yellow, pale pink, orange-y coral, bright purple, shocking pink, and silvery gray. And at .28 fluid ounces each, it wasn’t a big commitment to any one color. All of the shades had a pearlescent finish, with the exception of the coral.

The brush on the Ellen Tracy polishes is short and narrow, but fans out fairly easily. With the pearlescent colors I had a hard time preventing brushstrokes from showing. I got opaque coverage with all shades after two coats.

IMG_6093The wear time is not fantastic. I got my first chip generally 3 to 4 days after painting my nails, and by the time a week was up things were looking pretty bad, if I even made it to a full week without removing the polish because it was so chipped. Removal was fairly swift–under 2 minutes in all cases.

This is hardly going to be my new go-to nail polish brand, but at just over $1/bottle, I feel like it was a good purchase. The colors are nice, and they look great for the few days they’re completely intact. The packaging says “Not tested on animals,” but there’s a difference between that and “cruelty-free.” I also don’t know whether the polishes contain the 5 Big Bad Ingredients.

Bottom line, I’ll keep using the ones I have, and they were a bargain, but I probably won’t buy more because the performance and lack of information doesn’t justify it.

*To be entirely accurate, Ellen Tracy does not *make* nail polish. The polish is manufactured by a company called Enchanté Accessories. They basically make stuff and let other companies put their brand on it.