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I was actually supposed to write this post last week, when it was the first Wednesday of the month. But with temperatures stubbornly persisting well into the 90s, I forgot that it was September already. In the immortal words (word, really) of former presidential candidate Rick Perry, “Oops.”

This month I’m featuring some of my favorite blogs. If your interests align with their subject matter, they’re worth checking out. You can subscribe by email or add them to your RSS feed (I use Feedly).

All Lacquered Up

aluheader21214I’ve mentioned this blog before. It was recommended to me by my friend Liz. She and I both have ties to the Cleveland area, and ALU is written by Michelle Mismas, also from Cleveland. It’s all about nail polish, and I warn you, reading this blog WILL make you want to buy more nail polish.

Michelle is well-known in the nail industry, and she gets a lot of free samples. This allows her to post every weekday with a review of a different new line or color offering from the big names in polish. In the past month alone I’ve coveted at least a dozen new fall colors that she’s profiled. So far I’ve managed to limit myself to only buying one, but it’s still early days.

Michelle’s reviews are honest and thorough. If you’re a nail polish fanatic, check it out. (She also wins for cutest logo.)

Lowering the Bar

loweringbar copyIf you enjoy stories about stupidity, then Lowering the Bar is the blog for you. (My brothers, especially, would enjoy it.) It’s written by a lawyer named Kevin Underhill, and it. is. hilarious. He finds (or is sent) ridiculous stories with a legal bent, and then makes them even more ridiculous with his witty and snarky commentary. (I do enjoy snark.)

One of his favorite targets is the Transportation Security Administration, which is ripe for ridicule. I’m a little amazed the man can still get on an airplane, given how mercilessly he lambastes their epic stupidity.

You certainly do not need to be a lawyer to enjoy Kevin’s humor. But you do, in fact, need to have a sense of humor. Something lacked by many of the people featured in his posts.

Capitol Hill Style


I discovered this style blog when it was referenced by another blog I follow, Corporette (a lifestyle blog for female professionals). Capitol Hill Style is written by Belle, who worked on Capitol Hill up until her recent enrollment in law school. She covers primarily fashion, but she also has many personal care product recommendations.

One of my favorite features is her “Wear it two ways.” She takes one item–a skirt, say–and shows you how to dress it up for the office (assuming you work in an office with that type of dress code) or dress it more casually. She’s a genius at accessorizing, which is my weak area, so I like to see the combinations she creates.

Once per week she posts a round-up of interesting articles she’s read on the internet, along with a few more fashion ideas that didn’t make it into earlier posts. And on Fridays she often provides links to a cocktail recipe.

Stir and Strain

stirandstrain copySpeaking of cocktails, Elana Lepkowski at Stir and Strain is all about them. She posts several times a week with interesting (and sometimes very intricate) cocktail recipes. The photos alone will make you want to start cocktail hour early.

She’s also on Instagram and Twitter @stirandstrain. As my friends and family can attest, I like posting photos of cocktails almost as much as drinking them! So I’m always interested in seeing other people’s cocktail photos and learning about what they’re drinking.


vickrey copyLast, but certainly not least, is a blog called Vickrey, written by my friend Sarah. It’s a creative writing blog, but it’s about real, everyday life. Sarah paints vivid word portraits of people she’s encountered recently or in years past. Her descriptive writing truly makes you feel like you’re in the room with the subjects of her essays.

She’s only just begun writing again, and I look forward to continuing to read her work. Her blog is a welcome literary respite in my day.


There will be no post next week because I’m off to jolly old England for vacation. But I’m sure to get a few good blog posts out of the trip!