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Last Sunday I had lunch at Pizzeria Locale in Boulder, Colorado. I highly recommend this place if you find yourself in Boulder. Their pizza is to die for.

It was a brutally hot day, so a light, spritzy cocktail sounded like a great idea. Both of my dining companions and I ordered the Limoncello Spritz and it was THE BEST THING I EVER TASTED! Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration. But it was good. Really, really good. And it would be super easy to make at home because it only has three ingredients: limoncello, prosecco, and basil.

Prosecco is a sparkling wine from Italy. It tends to be significantly cheaper than Champagne, but still has the festive feel of a bubbly. You can always find good prosecco for under $20 a bottle, and often under $10 a bottle. (Btw, it’s pronounced pro-say-koh NOT pro-seh-koh. If I hear you say pro-seh-koh, I might punch you.)

Limoncello is sold wherever you find liquor and spirits, but you can make your own fairly easily, if you so desire. Here’s a recipe. If you happen to have access to a lemon tree, you can make large quantities of limoncello during the winter (when lemons are in season) and freeze it for later use. Besides using it in cocktails such as the Limoncello Spritz, you can drink it straight as an after-dinner digestif (or I guess I should say digestivo, because limoncello is Italian, rather than French).

Limoncello Spritz

Pour 1 oz. limoncello over ice in a wine or water goblet.
Top off with prosecco.
Garnish with several fresh basil leaves.