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IMG_5947Looking for something easy to drink this summer? I heartily recommend this Vinho Verde from Casal Garcia. It’s the perfect accompaniment to any outdoor dining. We drank a bottle last weekend at “movies in the park.” Not only did it go well with our Chipotle burritos and fruit, it paired well with the movie (which was Legally Blonde 2).

Vinho Verde is a white wine from Portugal. It’s best enjoyed young. Casal Garcia’s offering is light, crisp, citrusy, with just the right amount of acidity, and a little bit frizzante. It should be served well-chilled. I refrigerated our bottle for several hours before putting it in an insulated bag and taking it to the park.

Best of all, it’s inexpensive. The list price is around $9. Total Wine is selling it for $6.49. BevMo has it for $6.99 with a Club Bev card (which is free). Trader Joe’s, where I bought mine, also sells it for $6.99. I just picked up two more bottles because this is going to be my go-to summer wine.

Heading to the beach? Take this. Grilling burgers and corn on the cob? Drink this. Sitting on your roof deck enjoying the sunset? Enjoy this too.

Seriously, go get a bottle. You will not be disappointed.